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Zollie's New Hero Product

Sarah Resnick has been helping crafters and, more specifically, weavers create beautiful custom projects for years. And as she did, she realized something: people need help understanding how color works.

So she spent two years developing a product that can help makers of all kinds get better at making color decisions more effectively without going to the trouble of learning the intricacies of color theory. The product is brilliant: it's a simple deck of cards that takes the customer by the hand through the decision-making process on their projects.

Sarah realized that the product had big potential for one of her brands, Zollie, so she got together with Andrew for a specific request: how can she launch the product as effectively as possible without a monster budget?

So on this Opening The Books, Andrew coached her through the entire process on each of her channels. They talked about how to handle hype emails, building product-specific lists, and how to approach it in her Meta Ads account.

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