Andrew Faris got hooked on ecommerce when he rode the wave of a bootstrapped brand’s 1.5 year journey from 0 to $20M in 2014-2015.

Invigorated by the rapid success, he thought, “I should try this for other brands too–it seems pretty easy” and joined the team at Common Thread Collective as a growth strategist. What could go wrong?

Lots of things, it turns out, and the path to getting a lot better ran through solving (and sometimes not solving) hard problems for lots of different brands while at CTC. He’ll forever be thankful for the opportunity to work with great brands like The North Face, Melin, TheraGun, DIFF Eyewear, Born Primitive, Axe Bat, and more.

By 2018 he was promoted to VP of Growth (and head of strategy) at the agency, where he led a team of super talented strategists as the agency just kept growing.

He stayed there until the next challenge came up, this time sliding over to lead growth at CTC’s daughter company, 4x400, an ecommerce aggregator that acquired <$1M brands and sought to grow them as quickly as possible. He stayed in that position until 2020, when he took over as CEO.

During his time as CEO, 4x400 had up to 6 brands in its portfolio at a time. Was it a wildly successful rocketship journey? It was not. There were plenty of wins and plenty of losses, and Andrew thinks that experience made him like 50x better at ecommerce. Or something.

Which leads us here, where Andrew is building the thing you’re reading about right now: a boutique consultancy that grows DTC brands and educates DTC professionals.

If you want to work with Andrew, click here to see his current service offerings. If he can help, he’d love to do it.