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An inside look at Beardbrand

You probably know Beardbrand and its founder, Eric Bandholz.

Beardbrand rose to prominence in the ecommerce landscape as they built a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers, thereby powering their customer acquisition with basically zero investment in paid marketing channels.

But as the impact of their organic efforts began to fade in 2022 and into 2023, Bandholz and his team decided that they needed to crack the code on Meta Ads. The problem? This channel had never been successful for them before.

So when Bandholz reached out to me to see if I could be any help as they handed the keys to a talented but green (as far as paid social is concerned) team member, Mike Lawson, I suggested he come on the podcast and build a plan from the ground-up, complete with screenshares of their actual Meta Ads account.

In this episode, you'll learn exactly how I'd build an ad account almost from the ground-up centering on a consolidated, broad-targeted, Bid Cap strategy, and you'll even get a follow-up a month after our initial recording to see how their efforts were going.

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